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February 10, 2017

Indian History Test-10-The Mughal Empire

Welcome to your Indian History Test-10-The Mughal Empire



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1) Who among the following Indian rulers was a contemporary of Akbar?
2) Patta was written agreement between the
3) Between whom was the Battle of Chausa fought?
4) The Mughal Empire extended up to Tamil territory in the South under the reign of
5) Mughal dynasty was to Bahadur Shah Zafar as Lodi dynasty was to
6) The Mahzar or an attested statement signed by the seven leading Ulemas was issued by
7) Who among the following has issued the coin 'rupee' for the first time?
8) Which one among the following books was authored by a lady of the Mughal Royal House?
9) In 1717, which Mughal Emperor gave the English East India Company a firman granting trade privileges in India?
10) Mughal persence in the Red Fort ceased with the fall of
11) Who is believed to have created the raga Miyan Ki Malhar?
12) Which one of the following rulers at first assumed the title of 'Hazrat-i-Ala' and afterwards 'Sultan'?
13) Who among the following deserves the credit for construction of Lal Quila?
14) The ruler of Mewar who was defeated in the battle of Khanwa by Babur in 1527 was
15) Dara Shikoh finally lost the war of succession to Aurangzeb in the battle of
16) Which one of the following was the Emperor of India when British East India Company was formed in London
17) At the time, when Nadir Shah attacked Delhi, the Mughal Eperor was
18) Who among the following Mughal Emperors had the longest reign?
19) Which Mughal Emperor was first a prisoner of the British arid later a pensioner of the Marathas till his death?
20) The famous historical book 'Travels of the Mughal Empire' was written by
21) Which one of the following structures was constructed by Emperor Akbar in Fatehpur Sikri?
22) Tulsidas composed his 'Ramcharitamanasa' in the reign of
23) Which of the following Mughal emperrors spent a greater part of his reign to overthrow the Deccan Kingdoms?
24) The famous Kohinoor diamond was produced from one of the mines in
25) At which place in Bengal was the East India Company given permission to trade and build a factory by the Mughals in 1651?
26) Babur came to India originally from
27) The original name of Mumtaj Mahal was
28) Who among the following was illiterate?
29) During Aurangzeb's reign, whose duty was it to see that people lived their lives in accordance with the 'shariat'?
30) The original name of Tansen, the most famous musician at the court of Akbar was
31) Which one of the following terms is not associated with the Mughals?
32) A renowned Jain scholar who was greatly honoured by Akbar was
33) The Mughal Emperor who appointed maximum number of Hindu Officers was
34) When did Humayun first attacked Chunar fort?
35) The Moti Masjid in Agra was built during the reign of
36) Who built the lbadatkhana at Fatehpur Sikri?
37) Who among the following was defeated by Babur in the first Battle of Panipat?
38) In the Mughal administrtion Madad-i-Mash indicates
39) Who was the Mughal Emperor when the Battle of Plassey was fought between the Nawab of Bengal and the English East India Company?

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