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February 10, 2017

Indian History Test-2-Harappan Civilization

Welcome to your Indian History Test-2-Harappan Civilization



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1) Which was the most frequently depicted animal during Harappan period?
2) In the Harappan period,seals were normally made of
3) The world's first tidal pact has been observed from which Indus site?
4) A statue of bearded man was found at
5) Which metal has so far not been discovered in Harappan sites?
6) Which of the following not known to have grown during Indus Valley Civilisation?
7) A seal depicting, Mother Goddess with plant growing from the womb has been found from
8) The scripts of the Indus Valley Civilization was
9) Kalibangan gives evidence of
10) Which one of the following is not the characteristics feature of the Harappan settlement?
11) Which one of the following sites of the Indus Valley Civilization had an ancient dockyard?
12) Remains of which animals have not been discovered in the Indus Valley Civilization?
13) The following sentence describe one of the sites of the Harappan Civilization "The settlement is divided into two sections, one smaller but higher and the other much larger but lower. Archaeologists, designate these as the Citadel and the lower town respectively. Both were walled. Several buildings were built on platforms, which served as foundations"
Which of the followingsites does it refer to?
14) Which of the following showed the greatest uniformity in Harappan settlement?
15) Which one of the following statements regarding Harappan Civilization is correct?
16) The Harappan Civilization covered an expensive area of present South Asia. The geographic area covered by this civilization included
17) Which of the following was not one of the causes of Harappan decline?
18) The worship of fire in Harappan Civilization is proved by the discovery of fire allars at
19) Harappan people had a common burial system which is proved by
20) Which of the following was contemporary of Indus Valley Civilisation?
Select the correct answer using the codes given below
21) Which of the following about burial practices of Harappa is incorrect?
22) A stare cut water reservoir has been found at
23) Which of the following characteristics distinguished the Harappan Civilisation from other contemporary civilisations of the world?
24) The polity of the Harappan people as derived from the material evidence, was
25) A granary outside to citadel was found at

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