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Solaris 11 Administration for Experienced Solaris Professionals – Self Paced Video Learning



This Simple, hands-on and real time scenario oriented Course will upgrade your current Oracle Solaris 10 skill set to Solaris11, and teaches you the skills and knowledge to manage Solaris 11 in enterprise work environment. During the course you are not only learning about the Solaris 11 technology, but you will also learn from our job experience about the challenges that we faced while implementing Solaris11 in mission critical production environment.

Course Outline

  •  Module-6
    • Overview of Zpools
    • Hands-on Demonstration of Zpools Implementation
    • Overview of Datasets
  •  Module-7
    • Overview of ZFS Volumes
    • Hands-on Demo – ZFS Administration
    • ZFS Snapshots
    • Disk Replacement in ZFS
  • Module-8
    • Overview of Solaris 11 Zones
    • Solaris11 Zones administration – HandsOn – Demo
  • Module-9
    • SMF Administration in Solaris11
  • Module-10
    • Monitoring in Solaris11

Immediate Access to our Self Paced Training Course Videos

  •  Registering to this workshop will give you immediate access to Solaris11 Selfpaced videos.

Course Format and Schedule

  •  Self paced Video Learning

Course Features

When you enroll in this program, your get the following benefits
  • Experienced Instructors : This training will be delivered by highly experienced Instructors with more than decade of experience in machine critical production environment.
  • Total 18 hours of Live sessions covered
  • Flexibility to attend either weekend or weekday batches
  • Email followups , Course Notes and Reference documents : Download study and lecture notes, lab assignments used for course delivery
  • Every Session will be recorded and available for your future review for next one year

Who should go for this course?

Experienced Solaris 10 Administrators. If you don’t have prior experience with Solaris 10, you should consider to join our Solaris 10 Administration Package.

Course Fees

For Foreign currency payments, via PayPal

( all international credit cards / Paypal payment accepted)

Regular Course Fees                                                            :    $139 USD


Indian currency payments, Via SBI Collect

( All indian bank credit cards/ debit cards/ net banking payments accepted)

Regular Course Fees                                                             :        Rs. 9900/-

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Course Curriculum

Course Outline
Course Introduction 00:05:00
Overview of Solaris11 Features 00:30:00
Solaris11 Installation 00:30:00
Solaris 11 – Configuring SSH to allow Root login 00:30:00
Overview of AI Installation 00:30:00
AI Configuration in Solaris11 00:30:00
Recap – Solaris Features and AI Configuration 00:20:00
Overview of IPS in Solaris11 00:20:00
IPS Configuration Part-1 00:30:00
IPS Configuration Part-2 00:30:00
Searching and Downloading Solaris11 SRU and Patch sets 00:20:00
Overview of Client Installation using AI 00:30:00
Hands-on Demo – Client Installation using AI 00:30:00
FAQs on AI Installation 00:30:00
Integration of New SRU to Existing IPS 00:30:00
IPS repository rebuild and SRU upgrade 00:30:00
Module-5 - Free Access
Overview of Solaris11 Networking FREE 00:15:00
Handson Demo – Basic network configuration in Solaris11 FREE 00:20:00
Overview of Solaris11 IPMP FREE 00:10:00
Link Based IPMP configuration FREE 00:30:00
Probe based IPMP configuration FREE 00:30:00
Link Aggregation vs IPMP in solaris11 FREE 00:10:00
Hands-on Demo – Configuring Link aggregation in Solaris11 FREE 00:20:00
Overview of Zpools 00:30:00
Hands-on Demonstration of Zpools Implementation 00:30:00
Overview of Datasets 00:20:00
Overview of ZFS Volumes 00:30:00
Hands-on Demo – ZFS Administration 01:00:00
ZFS Snapshots 00:30:00
Disk Replacement in ZFS 01:00:00
Overview of Solaris 11 Zones 00:30:00
Solaris11 Zones administration – HandsOn – Demo 00:35:00
SMF Administration in Solaris11 01:00:00
Monitoring in Solaris11 00:20:00

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