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Forwarding-Only DNS server Configuration in Linux – RHEL6

A forwarding-only server does not actually handle any queries, but instead just forwards them to the correct location. This might be something you see if you work for an ISP that handles thousands of requests at a time. Forwarding-only servers are actually the easiest to set up because they require almost no configuration. In the named.conf file, let’s set up the following section:

options {
directory “/var/named”;
fowarders {; forward first; };

This section sends all queries to the first DNS server in the match-list and to the root DNS servers if no match is made. You also can specify forward only to check only the match-list servers and no root DNS server.
If you don’t include the directive, it defaults to forward first. If you are going to allow the query of root DNS servers, you must have the /var/named/ file, which contains a list of root DNS servers.
This is the entire setup required for a forwarding-only DNS server.

November 16, 2015

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