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  UpComing Live WebEx Workshop Series

DevOps Essentials ( Git, Jenkins ) and Docker Containers

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Course Features

  • Series live webex Workshops for 2 weekends ( Total 4 Days, Only sat & sun)
  • One year access course video recordings
  • Real time Case Studies
  • Training by DevOps Practice Consultants
  • Certification by iGURKUL

Workshop Schedule

  • Jan 27 & 28  – workshop 1 – Git and Jenkins Essential skills for DevOps
  • Mar 10 & 11  –  workshop 2 – Docker container administration

Workshop Timings :

  • Indian Time 3:30 PM to 11:30PM  /  Eastern Time 5AM to 1PM 

Course Outline for Each workshop

Workshop 1 – Git and Jenkins Essential skills for DevOps

  • GIT  ( 8 hours ) 
    • History
    • Type of VCS
    • Difference between VCS types
    • Benefits of Distributed VCS
    • Setting Up GIT
    • GIT Local Repositories
    • Overview of Bitbucket
    • GIT Remote Repositories
    • GIT Workflow
  • Continuous Integration with Jenkins ( 8 Hours ) 
    • Continuous Intergation OverviewJenkins History
    • Setting up Jenkins with tomcat server
    • Starting Jenkins with suggested plug-in
    • Different Jobs in Jenkins
    • Setting up first job in Jenkins
    • Jenkins pipelines
    • Integrating Jenkins with GIT
    • Managing Nodes in Jenkins
    • Commonly used plug-in

Workshop 2 – Docker Administration for DevOps

  • Course Outline for 16 hours
    • Introduction to docker technology
    • Problems in Past
    • Introducing Containers
    • Containers Vs VM’s
    • Docker History
    • Docker Overview
    • Docker Components
    • Docker Engine
    • Docker Architecture
    • Docker Images and Containers
    • Installation and Configuration
    • Building Containers
    • Container Operations
    • Docker – Images
    • Docker – Building Images
    • Deep Dive – Images
    • Docker Commit
    • Dockerfile
    • Deep Dive – Containers
    • Container Network Model
    • Docker Volumes


Course Fees for complete package 

Foreign currency payments via PayPal

Regular cost for our Course Fees is USD 340  Early Bird Price : USD 279 ( Valid Jan 25/2018 – Code GITJENKINSDOCKEREARLY2018 )



(All indian bank credit cards/ debit cards/ net banking payments accepted)

Regular cost price Rs. 22900/-   Early Bird Price  18500/-   ( Valid Jan 25/2018)



LAB Setup

Instructor will guide you to setup your own lab on your desktop/laptop during workshop. For AWS you need to self signup to AWS website for hands on labs.

for any additional questions and information, please mail us at or call at +91 8106988862 offers this workshop series in association with Thinknyx Technologies


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