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Veritas Training ( VxVM + VCS ) – Live Webex Training

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You can register to this course anytime during the year and get access to previous class videos and start learning immediately. Then later  join to next available workshop for more in-depth discussions

What is this Veritas Workshop?

In Machine Critical Enterprise Server Environment, storage management and high availability are the two major requirements.  These requirements are very dynamic in nature and require very efficient man power to carry out day to day tasks related to them. Acquiring these skills will surely give a boost to sysadmin career.

In this  two week long, hands-on webex live training , students will acquire the skills related Storage Foundation 6.1 and Storage Foundation High Availability 6.1 for Unix ( VxVM , VxFS and VCS Administration).

This Course is designed for beginner level students with prior UNIX and Linux experience, and trains them to the level they can carry level-2 operations in an Enterprise Level machine critical Environment.

Course format

  • Live WebEX Session
  • By Registering this course you will get immediate access to the Video Content from the below two courses

Upcoming Schedule for Live Webex Sessions ( Weekends Only)

  •  Veritas Storage Foundation :  5/Nov/2016 and 6/Nov/2016 –  3PM to 11PM IST

  •  Veritas Cluster Server Admin : 12/Nov/2016 and 13/Nov/2016 – 3PM to 11PM IST

For any questions on schedule please contact 


  • As the name suggest, this course is for unix and linux engineers who are pursuing their careers in Machine critical Enterprise level production environment.
  • Each student required to setup their labs on their personal laptop/laptop , as per the instructions given by Instructor.
  • System Configuration for the Lab :   Minimum of 4GB RAM + 50 GB of Disk space Free

 Course Benefits

When you enroll in this program, your get the following benefits

    • One Year unlimted Access to Course Videos
    • Experienced Instructors : This training will be delivered by highly experienced Instructors with more than decade of experience in machine critical production environment.
    • 30 hours recorded Videos Sessions  on all aspects of storge foundation and cluster administration right from the basics to intermediate level concepts
    • Email followups , Course Notes and Reference documents : Download study and lecture notes, lab assignments used for course delivery

Course Fees

You can register to this course anytime during the year and get access to previous class videos and start learning immediately. Then later  join to next available workshop for more in-depth discussions

Foreign currency payments via PayPal

( all international credit cards / Paypal payment accepted)

Workshop Fees      :     $199 USD   –  Register here 

Indian Currency Payment , Via SBI Collect

( All indian bank credit cards/ debit cards/ net banking payments accepted)

Workshop Fees       :        Rs. 12200/-   –  Register here   

Course Testimonials from our Previous Students

  1. New trend in Online Training
    Thank you so much for your dedicated lectures and commitment. I wish you all the best for you guys For your upcoming projects.

  2. Training with Practical..
    Its really very useful for me. The way of teaching is really excellent. I really thanks to Yogesh/Ram to did practical point of view classes….

  3. Storage Foundation Training
    The training which is provided by yogesh and ram is amazing. They are sharing the real time experience and practically showing all the issues which they have encountered. This training is worth attending for those who are working on SFHA or those who are will to work. Really Appreciating your work guys.:)

  4. Training with Practical Knowledge
    Training was good with loads of best practices, Do’s and Don’ts from trainers who has deep knowledge about the product and years of experience behind them. I highly recommend training to others.

    The weekend training could have been spanned across two weekends.
    Weekend trainings do not have time for practicals.

  5. One word to describe the Training is : Paradise.
    Ram / Yogesh both of you have changed the meaning of training.

    Now days training is all about making money and delivering only bookish knowledge but this one was completely different and based on real examples and experiences.

    Keep it up and stay blessed

  6. Storage Foundation Training
    The training was very useful, meaningful and perfectly fit our needs. The trainer was communicative, flexible, open to suggestions / needs of the Students.

  7. VxVM Training
    First of all I would like to say big thank you to both of you for arranging this course. All the concepts were explained very nicely and easy to understand when you shown on your lab. Now it’s time for us to play with our lab and Live server 😀 Again thank you very much for sharing the issues that you have faced in your career. All the very best for your upcoming training courses and keep up the good work.

  8. VXVM Training
    Ram & Yogesh,
    Start from day one,the training was very clear and informative., Each and every step of the training is excellent.

  9. Different from other trainigs what i have seen earler
    Very use full and informative

  10. Veritas storage foundation course
    Ram & Yogesh,
    Training was very good especially the real-time examples.
    My suggestion would be that kindly provide us the slides as study material so that we can refer them when required.
    Also do inform us about new training which you are planning to offer.
    Thanks keep up the good work

  11. Training on Veritas Foundation Course
    Training was very interesting and very much useful for professionals in real time… I really appreciate for the hard work done by Yogesh and Ram to make training success and would like to recommend to people who wants to become expert in VSF

  12. Veritas Storage
    Very excellent and enjoy course.


  13. Instructor was very knowledgeable.Course session was very informative and hands on.Easy to follow with plenty of useful examples.I would recommend this course to anyone wanting to further their expertise in Storage foundation.

  14. Vertias storage foundation course
    Ram and Yogesh,

    Training was very good, it was very useful for us to support VSF with this training,

    I love to see some more training from your end.


  15. Perfect Training by Expert
    I really appreciate the efforts made by Ram and Yogesh.
    I recommend to others as well/

3 reviews for Veritas Training ( VxVM + VCS ) – Live Webex Training

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    Today I experienced practical session of “Veritas foundation” with real time scenarios covering all the concepts in depth.

    1. Each modules===>Theory (concept)+ Practical session + real time scenarios + Q & A = ” Made me confident ”

    Thank you Ram and Yogesh !!!!!!!!!!

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Debojit Debnath

    Yogesh and Ram, Both of you doing wonderful work sharing your experience and knowledge. I first came to know this website on Feb 2016. Inspite of poor internet connection , I have enrolled for this course , but I am proud now of my decision as you guys are excellent and the passion of Yogesh is unbelievable . I am eager to learn more and more from you guys and will follow your website and all your courses . Keep up the Good work. God Bless your team .

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Rama Krishna Thigala

    Thank you very much to yogesh and ram .Because they have given their decade of experience and knowledge to share the intersted members.I did not see the real time of live experience in my career I got the confidence and able to do my work.
    so you guys are the great and appreciate your full of efforts.

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