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Troubleshooting FTP configuration in Linux

Once the FTP  setup is complete, you need to test the FTP server from one of the clients, Client01. To save time during the exam and when testing in the real world, you can use the command-line FTP client lftp.

This command includes many features for quick testing and verification that the FTP server is functioning properly.

Step 1. Install the lftp package on the Client01 system:

# yum install –y lftp

Step 2. Verify the installation of the lftp package:

# rpm -qa | grep lftp

Step 3. On the Client01 system, you can connect to RHEL01:

# lftp -u user01

You are prompted for your password, and then you have FTP access to the server.From here, you can upload and download files using standard FTP commands.

If you’re having trouble getting the FTP server to function properly, there is a process you can follow to help narrow down where the trouble is.

  • First, disable the firewall and SELinux.
  • Next, you can check the config files to make sure that everything is set properly (don’t forget that there should be no spaces between options and values).
  • Next, restart the service and check to see whether you can connect.
  • Verify that you are allowed to log in and not blocking the user you are testing with in the user_list or ftpusers files.
  • When the server is functioning properly, add back the firewall (with the correct rules, of course). If the service suddenly stops working,
  • you have a firewall issue, which usually translates to a port not being opened.
  • When the service is functioning again with the firewall, add back SELinux for a final verification.
November 16, 2015

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